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What is the IT KASM?
The IT KASM is a FREE IT management tool that provides IT Professionals the ability to achieve Service and Operational Excellence within their Organizations.

 Why Use the IT KASM?
In the fast pace world of IT as a service organization, IT Professionals need to provide quick and accurate information, support, and service.

 What makes the IT KASM so special?
IT KASM is all about speed, functionality, ease of use, ease of administration, and accessing quality data quickly.

 What the IT KASM is NOT
Not about looking pretty,
Not using proprietary data formats.
Not over-utiliziling system resources
Not using unique databases to administer
Not needing to allocate a full time employee to support
Not having to program the application at the OS level

 What can KASM do?
Almost anything an IT organization has to manage. If you can think it, IT KASM can probably manage it.

 What size Company is the IT KASM for?
IT KASM support start-ups, medium size companies, all the way to large corporations. It is designed to suppport multiple departments, groups, various access controls, etc.

 Can the IT KASM be customized?
Yes. The IT KASM's standard interface has an enormous depth of customized built-in features, from aligning with your company logo, colors scheme, to format customization and how content is presented. An experienced IT KASM Consultant can deeper customize the IT KASM internals if needed.

 Is Installation, Training, and Support available?
Yes. Experienced IT KASM Consultants are available to provide installation, ongoing support, training, and unique customization.

Why the need for IT KASM?

What can I do with the IT KASM?
It all starts with applying your infrastructure into Mines.

Here are the current supported Mines:

Trackers - Are anything that needs to be tracked.
Tasks - Any tasks that need to be assigned out.
Resources - Quick access to resources
Knowledge Base - Any troubleshooting documentation.
Asset Management - Manage ALL assets.
Operational Activities - Current activity taking place.
On-Call - Manage multiple on-call schedules.
Search - Search all or individual mines.
Vendors - Quick access to Vendors and their resources.

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How much is the IT KASM?


KASM is not for sale. It was written by IT Professionals for IT Organizations to achive Operational Excellence.

IT KASM is licensed under the
GNU General Public License v2

Since IT KASM is a framework,
this site is built in the IT KASM.
So you have been in the IT KASM the whole time.

To see a Demo of an IT Organization:

The Basic Concept
There are 3 simple steps

1. Mines are where all the data and content live
Create a Mine

2. Kaves display the Mines (all the boxes)

Create a Kave for the Mine

3. The IT KASM is made up of Kaves

Add the Kave to a KASM Page

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