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The IT KASM is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2


 Current Version: 2.4
 cksum: 2095780345 4630850

 Download IT KASM

Supported Operating System: Linux - RedHat/CentOS 7.x, Debian 8.x
Windows (Requires: cygwin and manual installation)

Download - Instructions
Once Downloaded use the following instructions to install IT KASM.

There are 2 types of base Installation: Source and Binary.

  • Source - Is used on a server with complete access to the internet to download OS Packages, and CPAN Modules. It will attempt to compile any software needed to enable IT KASM to function.

    Use the following command:
    # ./install base

  • Binary - Is used when you already have a Web Server, Perl, and CPAN already installed on your server. This method is most commonly used when the server sits behind a firewall with no access to the internet to download CPAN Modules, but does have access to a Linux Repo. This installation will copy all necessary pre-compiled CPAN modules and IT KASM files into place.

    Use the following command:
    # ./install base bin


  • If Binary install: Review install.Manifest making sure packages are installed.
  • Secure Linux is set to permissive or disabled Mode
  • DO NOT installed Local::Lib installing CPAN. Type: Manual
  • Ownership/permissions on all files in /opt/itkasm are owned by the web server.
  • If running apache on debian, run "a2enmod cgi" once it is configured.
  • Installation of Apache is optional. You can use your own web server of choice.
  • Source Installation Walkthrough

    Binary Installation Walkthrough

    IT KASM © 2007-2018 All Rights Reserved. Version: Licensed under GNU General Public License v2