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Knowlege Base
The growing IT KASM Knowledge Base is directly integrated into the IT KASM, and can be viewed here:

Knowledge Base

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Take IT KASM to the next Level
IT KASM will quickly become vital to your organization to achieve Operational Excellence. Having a support contract in place provides your organization a level of comfort knowing that high level support is is available by experts when even your most experienced team requires assistance.

We've got you covered and can provide support with Contract Services, Customization, automation, and Training.

Contract Services
Like what you see, but don't have the resources to make it happen.

Contracting services are available to get your organization up and running.

Professional Services are available to provide:

  • Installation of IT KASM
  • Data/Content importing
  • Design and Create Mines
  • Create an IT KASM specific to your organization
  • Automate existing services into IT KASM
  • Community Support Available!

    IT KASM has a growing Community

    Ask questions, comment,
    or make feature requests

    Customize Services
    If your organization needs the IT KASM customized to provide the ultimate experience, we understand the source code and can customize the IT KASM specifically to your needs:

  • Special Branding
  • Changes to the UI
  • Unique code rewrites to meet your organization
  • Changes in how Mines, Kaves, and data is presented
  • Personalized to your organization
  • Training
    IT KASM Training is available online or onsite in the following areas:

  • Installation and Administration
  • UI Configurations and management
  • Mine Creation & Kave Presentations
  • IT KASM Page Management
  • Automation & Integration with other services
  • Power User Training
  • Customize training to fit your organization
  • We are happy to discuss all the support options avaialble. Please contact us:

    Email :

    Phone :

    or provide information below:





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