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This is one example of a TRACKER, and shows how we can even track "What Can IT KASM Do".
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Search Mine Search Control what and how items in IT KASM ares searched
Freeform Feature Freeform HTML Use Freeform HTML to be as creative as needed to add video, links, statements, or any text outside the scope of IT KASM
Freeform Mine Freeform Allows for the adding of something outside the scope of IT KASM.
On-Call Mine On-Call Management Manage various forms and configurations of an On-Call Rotation
Freeform Feature Graphs, Images, Video Add external sources like Graphs, Images, Video into IT KASM
Search Feature Search Everything A search bar can search everything IT KASM has defined.
On-Call Feature On-Call groups Multiple groups can be defined as part of a rotation (Primary or ackups, North America and Asia, East Coast and West Coast, etc...)
On-Call Feature On-Call Updates As personnel changes occur, easily update changes to an on-call schedule
Personalize Feature IT KASM Page Designs Multiple page designs and layouts can be customized.
Tracker Mine Operational Activities Ongoing tracking of all daily events, updates, and status, within the environment are automatically updated here when activity occurs in IT KASM.
Assets Feature Batch Searching Provide list of devices and return a quick list of profile information on a batch of devices.
KnowledgeBase Feature KnowledgeBase IT KASM comes with a simple Knowledge Base that can be used to track troubleshooting techniques.
Assets Feature Owner Management When IT KASM is configured to a company employee database, owner information can be quickly obtained.
Assets Feature Checklists Build unique checklists to ensure that device builds and the retiring of assets meet company standards
Resources Mine Company Information When a Company Intranet gets too big to find anything. Quickly link to what is more important to the team in one place (Benefits, payroll, etc...)
Resources Mine Specific Group/Departmental Resources There are many resources used by other departments and group that are often difficult to find.
Task Mine Project Planning Project Tasks and milestones can be assigned out and tracked.
Tracker Mine Part Management Inventory Parts in a datacenter or environment
Tracker Mine Root Cause Analysis Mange the reporting of all root cause analysis Incident reports.
Tracker Mine Employee Training Understand the training courses employees are taking and their status. When other team members see what members of their team are taking, it encourages them to participate in training.
Tracker Mine Contacts Any and all contact information for vendors, internal employees, groups, departments, support, etc...
Journal Feature Sharing Information Journal Entries by default or private but an entry can be shared and will be displayed under Operational Activities
Journal Feature Personal Journal Every accounts receives a personal journal that automatically or manually tracks all activity by an account holder. When Management asks what they did for the week. The list of activity can quickly be compiled for management.
Personalize Feature Access Levels All content can be set Read Only, Read/Write, or Deny All
Personalize Feature Security All content is secured by User and group controls
Personalize Feature Tabs, Sections, Layouts Create unique tabs and sections configured around multiple layouts to select.
Personalize Feature Unique Look and Feel Configure colors, size, borders, horizonal rules, naming conventions, and many many other settings.
Personalize Feature Company Branding Configure Company Logo, Name, department, and brand colors.
Search Feature Search Individual Mines Configure a search bar to search specific mines
On-Call Feature Daily Rotations Daily Rotation can be any or all days of a week.
On-Call Feature Daily/Weekly Rotations Two Main types of rotations are daily and weekly.
Assets Feature Activity Logs Log information of tracking operational activity
Asset Feature Device Information Information asset management includes: Device Status, Property Tags, Serial, IP, Domain ,Type, Model, OS, CPU,Memory, Storage, Location, group, owner, function,patch groups,build by, various life cycle dates, vendor information
Assets Feature Support Documentation Create and provide supporting documentation and resources to an asset
Assets Feature Owner Management Mange the ownership of assets by owner and groups
Assets Feature Export Output Use configurable output to create unique Excel spreadsheets of device profile information
Assets Feature Printer Output Send configurable output to the printer
Assets Feature Patch Management Profile patching by location, device, device status, owner, special needs
Assets Feature Patch Management Manage the patching cycle for all devices.
Assets Feature IP Management Track IP addresses to device Profiles
Assets Feature Asset Life Cycle Management Full Life Cycle Management of assets and tracking profiles.
Tracker Mine IP Management Simple management of IP addresses to users and devices.
Tracker Mine Software Management Tracking software serial numbers, keys,owners, expiration dates, etc..
Tracker Mine Network Port Management Track how, who and what network ports are being used (ports, patch panels, IDF,etc...)
Tracker Mine Office Management Track the inventory of individual offices (ports, phone, devices,etc...)
Tracker Mine Change Management Use a simple process of change management for impact, backout plans, performed by, and approvers
Tracker Mine Cost Center / Overhead Management Most companies have too many charge numbers and projects for team members to remember where to charge their hours.
Tracker Mine Training Schedules Track the scheduling of internal Training events
Tracker Mine General Information From company acronyms, internal contacts, to policies, procedures, etc..
Tracker Mine UID Management Manage the various type of UID (system, user, applications, etc...)
Tracker Mine Service/System Outages Track Outages within the environment when they take place.
Tracker Mine Vendor Support Contracts Manage the tracking of vendor support contracts
Tracker Mine Vendor Case Tracking Manage/Track open cases with vendors
Tracker Mine Datacenter Management Track all things related to a datacenter (Racks, location, access, ports, devices,etc...)
Tracker Mine Vendor Management Track Vendors, contact info, ratings, associate with CMDB
Resources Mine Special Interests There is much taking place within a company for quick access to Events, Calendars, Employee Discounts, Cafe Menu, etc..
Resources Mine Datacenter Resources Provide quick access to everything needed for supporting a datacenter
Resources Mine Support Tools Manage all Links to dashboards and support sites.
Task Mine Bug Tracking Manage the tracking Bugs through to resolution.
Task Mine Ticketing System Assign tickets for groups and categories for service support.
Task Mine Task/Priotity Management Manage Tasks and Prioritize importance of tasks.

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